Hmmn, E. W. Kenyon! I have not yet been disappointed by anything I have read from this author. I believe the Body of Christ is very blessed to have had someone devoted to the in-depth study and teaching of God’s Word and I don’t say that lightly! When I first read one of his books some years ago, I went on my own little rave about it to anyone who cared to listen, and told my best friend that I had a goal to get all his books in my personal library; I’m well on my way ;).

This book is mainly an exegesis on prayer, especially on who believers are in the presence of their Father God! The author looked at the ‘prayer problem’ from the standpoint of individuals who are so timid in their approach to God, perhaps due to ignorance or wrong teaching. Such was the case in the Old Testament, especially under the law because righteousness (right standing with God) could not be attained via the works of the law. However, JESUS MADE THE DIFFERENCE! This book offers so much!

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16 KJV

We can actually go into the presence of God with boldness, because we are now clothed with Jesus’ garment of righteousness if we put our faith in Him. When we do that and ask the Father anything in the name of Jesus, it is just like Jesus Himself was asking. Think about it!

My copy of this book is highlighted in so many places with different colours, I doubt if anyone who borrows it to read would not roll his/her eyes at these markings hehe. The blank pages before subsequent chapters for notes, allowed me research further in the Bible and note down my observations in some cases.

Some excerpts:
Prayer means vital contact with the Father. We are near enough to Him to breathe in His very presence. Prayer means that we have come boldly into the throne room and are standing in His presence. It is more than bringing Him on the scene. It is going into the presence of the Father and Jesus in an executive meeting, laying our needs before them and making our requisitions for ability, for grace, healing for someone, or victory for someone, or for financial needs. Whatever that need may be, we are making a demand upon Him.” p8

Jesus did not exercise any authority or ability that is not latent in His Name today.” p10 

“The prayer responsibility today is the most important thing of our lives. Did you ever realise that there are men and women who are defeated and are breaking down in their business, home and spiritual life because we haven’t prayed? Let me change it: because YOU haven’t prayed? You have been occupied with your pleasures and your dreams; and men and women, staggering under the burdens you should have carried, are breaking down. Oh, God have mercy upon us!” p12

I highly recommend this book, especially to the believer unsure of His standing with God or new to the faith. It should be a keeper in every Christian’s library in my opinion.

God bless you 🙂
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