Hey everyone 🙂

It has been a while.

PneumaWord is back with the last Bible Reading Challenge for 2017! Trust you learned something new in the previous ones? If you haven’t participated, I encourage you to join in on this one.

Proverbs is a book for EVERYONE, filled with wisdom we could use more of per time as we navigate the affairs of this life. By God’s grace, we’ll be dipping into its fountains more closely this November. The book was written for the following reasons (see Proverbs 1:2-5, paraphrased from the New Living Translation):

  1. Teach people wisdom, discipline and living disciplined lives;
  2. To help (i) people do what is right, just and fair (ii) the wise become wiser (iii) others understand the insights of the wise;
  3. To give (i) insight to the simple (ii) knowledge and discernment to the youth;
  4. To guide those with understanding.

If you lack in any of the areas listed above, look no further: THIS BIBLE READING CHALLENGE IS FOR YOU! 🙂 Why not commit to it? It is easy to follow: the chapter we’ll read each day corresponds to the day of the month except for the last day (Proverbs has thirty-one chapters whereas November, thirty days), so all you need to remember the day’s reading is to look up the date (except for the last day). Attached above is a calendar you can download and print if you so wish, to help you check daily readings and/or keep track. Also, why don’t you invite a friend to join in with you, compare notes, learn a verse or two, and encourage each other?

Would use the hashtag #PneumaWordP30BRC on Social media, so you can easily find posts relating to this challenge. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and please, share and be a blessing to someone.

Looking forward to growing in wisdom this November.

God bless you 🙂
Lydia for Pneumaword