Same old devil, same old tricks. He asked for permission to wreck Job’s life (Job 1:6-12; 2:1-6). Here he is asking to do similar to Peter. Job’s faith made him hold on: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.” Job 13:15a. I’m not sure Peter’s faith could handle this trial, so Jesus prayed for him.

Amongst others, prayer provides a channel through which God’s grace is made available to help us do especially what we wouldn’t be able to in our natural strength or via mere willpower (please read and meditate on 1 Corinthians 10:13 AMP).

There would be times in your life where things wouldn’t seem to make sense. You’ll probably have more questions than you have answers and you can’t figure out why things are the way they are. You may pray, fast, study the Word and search for God diligently, yet it may seem like the God you’ve known, loved, trusted and served is giving you the ‘silent treatment’ for reasons you don’t seem to know.

DON’T LOOSE IT! In times like these, you hold on to every single thing you’ve known to be true about God i.e. you keep your faith. You hold on to what the Bible says about the character of God because it is truth! You choose to believe God over your circumstances because you know He has the power and ability to bring you out of that dry spell, turn it around for His glory and for your rejoicing. Common, this is God, the Creator of the Universe that I’m talking about.

I pray for you, that no matter how stormy some seasons of your life may seem to be, your faith wouldn’t fail in Jesus name. Remember, Jesus whilst on earth prayed for Peter’s faith not to fail. He’s in heaven now interceding for us, and I’d like to think one of the things He prays for us is that our faith doesn’t fail. You’re covered; don’t give up 😘🙏

God bless you 😀

© Lydia Ndagilaya for PneumaWord

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