“Then beginning with Moses and [throughout] all the Prophets, He went on explaining and interpreting to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning and referring to Himself.”
Luke 24:27 AMP

This March, starting today by God’s grace, PneumaWord presents her first 2017 BIBLE READING CHALLENGE – THE MAJOR PROPHETS IN 30 DAYS. This challenge would have you read a minimum of six (6) chapters daily from the books of the Bible referred to as the Major Prophets i.e. Isaiah to Daniel from March 2nd to 31st, 2017.

The aim of this challenge is to ‘FIND JESUS’💞. Nope, He’s not missing😉

In Luke 24, an account of the resurrection of Jesus is given, together with some happenings around it: Some women came over to Jesus’ tomb with spices the third day after his death but unexpectedly, met heavenly beings who told them that Jesus rose from the dead and they should tell His disciples. They did, but it wasn’t readily believed as some of the disciples ran to check the tomb out for themselves and didn’t find His body.

Two of such were sad and talked about these events as they journeyed on foot to Emmaus. Jesus (unrecognisable) joined in on their walk and asked them why they were sad. They wondered if he was a visitor in the region, who didn’t know what had transpired within the last few days. Basically, the Jesus they thought would redeem Israel was instead wrongly accused, sentenced to die and He did, and some of the women who kept company with Jesus along with them were claiming that He was alive. Jesus had pretty strong words to say to them for their unbelief, the aftermath of which is the verse at the start of the piece.

If you remember reading Matthew especially, you find a lot of references to who Jesus is or what He did, around this line ‘that it might be fulfilled what was spoken of by the prophet…”. If you’ve ever wondered which prophet said what about Jesus (especially if you don’t have a Bible with Cross-references that shows you), here’s your chance to find out, first-hand 😆.

Since life is really about knowing God and the person of Jesus (John 17:3), I believe using every opportunity to do so is a worthwhile cause. It also pays to have a goal whilst embarking on a Bible reading challenge, as it helps with focus and your curiosity is engaged for good.

Please join in on the challenge, download the calendar, invite friends and family and share. I’d send reminders on daily posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (please follow PneumaWord on these Social Media platforms if you haven’t) using the hashtag #PneumaWordMP30. Looking forward to hearing your discoveries and your ‘deep sighs – light bulb comes on‘ discovery moments about Jesus in the Major Prophets.

Hint: You can spice this up a bit by reading the Gospels and the Acts simultaneously; might make it easier but whatever works for you. HAPPY READING!

God bless you🙂
© Lydia Ndagilaya for PneumaWord