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If you’ve been following PneumaWord’s Major Prophets in Thirty (30) days Bible Reading Challenge, you would have finished reading Isaiah yesterday. Hooray 👏🎉.  We found so many Scriptures which made reference to Jesus, and pointed out some in this post. If you missed out, you can always join in from where we are now (re-attached the calendar below. Please feel free to download and use).

Today, we’ll highlight some others we found in the book of Isaiah:

Isaiah 53:2-12

This reference depicts what I term ‘the rejection of Jesus’. It describes in vivid terms, some of the suffering Jesus underwent to redeem us from the penalty of sin, sickness and the wrath of God. He highlights God’s punishment on Him, as a result of taking on our griefs (verse 4). It was a big deal for Jesus to be cut of for the first time ever from time immemorial, from fellowship with God the Father, which happened when He took on our sins. He suffered rejection and affliction for you; your sins and for me; my sins (take out some moments please to worship Jesus and say THANK YOU 🙏).

Isaiah 60:19-20

This reference to me further proves the divinity of Jesus. It talks about God being the everlasting light for His children in the city He’s prepared for them, as they’ll have no need for the sun or moon. We find out in Revelation 21:22-23 that the Lamb i.e. Jesus, is that light! Hallelujah! 🙌

Isaiah 61:1-2a

This portion of Scripture was quoted verbatim by Jesus in Luke 4:18-21, in reference to Himself. It highlights to me, the purpose of the coming of Jesus…kinda like His mission statement as to why He came to earth. Have a look at what He offers, what you lack and ask Him to fill you; He’s been waiting for you all along!

Isaiah 62:11

The last phrase of this verse was personalised by Jesus in Revelation 22:12. This just makes me smile, because the phrase is preceded in Isaiah by  ‘Behold, thy salvation cometh’. Linking it with the reference in Revelation shows that JESUS IS OUR SALVATION! Have you acknowledged that truth and have chosen to live your life by it? If not, please meet Jesus and understand why He is your salvation!

That’s it for Isaiah, very interesting finds. Would love to hear yours. 

Please be reminded of today’s Bible reading for #PneumaWordMP30: Jeremiah 1-6.

God bless you🙂

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